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I have a new website now.

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Art Stage Singapore 2011, Marina Bay Sands

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Audience viewing Altar for the Jobless (Photograph: Lim Kok Boon)

Exhibition Overview, FOST Gallery, Art Stage Singapore, 2011

Chun Kai Qun, Luck Luck Luck, Mixed Media, FOST Gallery, Art Stage Singapore, 2011

Chun Kai Qun, Altar for the Jobless, Mixed Media, FOST Gallery, Art Stage Singapore, 2011

Chun Kai Qun, 4309, Mixed Media, FOST Gallery, Art Stage Singapore, 2011

Chun Kai Qun, This is a Field, Mixed Media, FOST Gallery, Art Stage Singapore, 2011



Utopia Highway

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Utopia Highway, Installation, Esplanade Concourse, 2010

Utopia Highway, Video, Esplanade Concourse, 2010

Utopia Highway
By Chun Kai Qun
In conjunction with Yfest and Baybeats
This is an Esplanade Presents programme.
Date: 14 JUL 2010, WED – 3 OCT 2010, SUN
Venue: Esplanade Concourse


The installation begins with a miniature scene of a village and people driving out of town heading for Utopia. The word Utopia is made up of roads, suggesting that the journey and search itself is where the Utopian ideal is.

The artist Chun Kai Qun is very much interested with the anxieties and desires of individuals living in a contemporary society. In his work, he often brings into play the art of miniature making, diorama making, creating cataclysmic explosions, reminiscent of sensationalistic blockbuster action flicks and video games.

Chun has actively participated in various art exhibitions including Drawing Out Conversations at FOST Gallery, TransportAsian at the Singapore Art Museum, Lost in the City at the National Museum of Singapore. In 2007, Chun won a merit award in the 3rd CDL Singapore Sculpture Award exhibition. In 2009, he collaborated in an art project at the 4th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial (Art Exchange Programme).


Drawing Out Conversations: Taipei

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Chun Kai Qun, Ink Fountain, Drawing Installation, 2010

Video clip of Ink Fountain

Inking the fountain


在本展覽中,藝術家不只是把繪畫視為表達情感、概念的媒介,更誓言表現藝術家與繪畫之間的多重關係。繪畫是靈感的泉源,是思考的工具,也可以是透過 雕塑、動畫、表演和裝置等創作媒介來重新加以詮釋。

《對畫:臺北》延續了 2008 年在新加坡 FOST Gallery 所舉辦的《對畫》和2009年在香港舉辦的《對畫:香港角》。此次轉換場地至臺北展出,除了期望透過藝術家的作品,探討當代『畫』,也希望各國藝術家能進 行交流與觀眾『對話』。因此,展覽期間也會舉辦藝術家講座和工作坊。

What is drawing? What is a drawing? Why do artists still make or think about drawing?

Beyond presenting drawings as a primary medium of expression, this exhibition explores artists’ multi-relationships with drawing as a muse, a thinking tool or a subject to be revisited in other art forms such as sculpture, animation, performance and installation.

Drawing Out Conversations was first presented at FOST Gallery, Singapore, in 2008, and then in Hong Kong in 2009 as Drawing Out Conversations: Hong Kong Leg. Now in Taipei, it continues to explore what contemporary drawing encompasses, and hopes to encourage dialogues among artists and audience. There will also be artists’ talks and workshops during the exhibition period.

藝術家 Artists:

臺灣 Taiwan: 江元皓 Iuan-Hau CHIANG, 簡俊成 Chun-Cheng CHIEN,  劉文瑄 Mia Wen-Hsuan LIU, 邵樂人 Larry SHAO

香港 Hong Kong: 何倩彤 Sin-Tung HO

新加坡 Singapore: 曾凱群 Kai-Qun CHUN, 邱慧強 Huey-Chian KHIEW, 唐大霧 Da-Wu TANG, 陳玲娜 Ling-Nah TANG

美國 U.S.A.: Minette Lee MANGAHAS

策展人Curator: 陳玲娜 Ling-Nah TANG

開幕 Opening: 2010.6.20 星期日 下午二時 Sunday 14:00

開幕嘉賓 Guests-of-Honour: 黃 海鳴,主任,國立臺北教育大學文化產業學系 Hai-Ming HUANG, Director, Department of Culture Industry, National Taipei University of Education

藝術家 Artists’ Talk: 2010.6.20 星期日下午四時 Sunday 16:00

閉幕茶會 Closing Party: 2010.7.24 星期六 下午二時 Saturday 14:00

展覽日期 Exhibition Dates: 2010.6.20~2010.7.24

開放時間 Gallery Hours: 週三至週日 Wednesday~Sunday, 14:00~21:30 

展覽地點 Venue: 國立臺北教育 大學 南海藝廊 (台北市重慶南路二段19巷3號)

Nanhai Gallery, National Taipei University of Education (No. 3, Lane 19, Sec. 2, Chongqing South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100, Taiwan)

電話 Telephone: (02) 2392 5080

查詢 Contact: 陳玲娜 Ling-Nah TANG activatedcstudio@gmail.com

主辦單位 Main Organizer: 炭 索工作室 activated C studio

協辦單位 Co-organizer: 國 立臺北教育大學 南海藝廊  Nanhai Gallery National Taipei University of Education

資助單位 Supporters臺北市文化局 Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, 新加坡國家藝術理事會 National Arts Council Singapore, 新加坡國際基金會 Singapore International Foundation


From Green To Brown To Black To Brown To Green

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Students participating in the From Green to Brown to Black to Brown to Green workshops at the 4th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale

From Green To Brown To Black To Brown To Green is an art project that spans over Japan and Singapore. It is a collaborative effort between Singapore artists Joo Choon Lin and Chun Kai Qun, who are concerned with the rapid pace of urban development.

The project encompasses a diverse artistic approach ranging from animation, installation, sculpture, and community workshops. The project has taken part in exhibitions at the 4th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale (organised by Fukuoka Asian Art Museum) and Lost in the City at the National Museum of Singapore (in conjunction with Singapore Art Show 2009).

Nevermind Nirvana

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Chun Kai Qun, Nevermind Nirvana, Dioramic Installation, 2009
Eniminiminimos II, Jendela@Esplanade, Curated by Michael Lee Hong Hwee

The work is eerily morbid and screams of the expressionistic angst characteristic of Chun’s works. Essentially a forest ravaged by what seems to be a series of disasters, the gore only gets more explicit as you examine the glut of visual details at close proximity. What appear to be the flames of a group of candles are actually miniature human figures on fire, akin to figures of sacrificial martyrs upon an altar. From a distance, the shades of mahogany used on the landscape are uncannily surreal and reminiscent of swollen, infected flesh. This is nature in its most untamed, capricious and violent form.

Text by Ho Rui An, theonlinecitizen.com


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Chun Kai Qun, Carmageddon, Interactive Installation, 2009
TransportAsian, Singapore Art Museum

In Carmageddon, Chun Kai Qun combines the art of miniature making with stereo-photography. Through the lenses of the child’s optical toy, we witness cataclysmic car explosions, reminiscent of sensationalistic Hollywood action flicks. But the perverse violence and raw, gory carnality of the spectacle is downscaled twice in Chun’s work – the first via the miniaturisation of the disaster into a diorama and the second being the distancing of the audience from the diorama via stereo-photography. The diorama is photographed and converted into a stereoscopic slide show. This perhaps highlights the kind of anesthesia that games induces in its young viewers, unconsciously detaching us from the terror of violence to view it as a trivial game.

Text from http://opencontours.wordpress.com

Chun Kai Qun, Carmageddon, Stereoscopic Pairs, 2009
TransportAsian, Singapore Art Museum
Instructions on how to view stereoscopic pairs freely