For Mr. and Mrs. Children

Chun Kai Qun, Race for the Prize, Installation, 2008
For Mr. and Mrs. Children, Post-Museum

For Mr. and Mrs. Children exhibition website

TWIN brothers Chun Kaifeng and Chun Kaiqun are displaying an art-as-child’s-play aesthetic for their first combined solo exhibitions.

At the heart of it all, both artists have much to say about the country they have grown up in. They lampoon amusement parks in an oblique way of questioning why Singapore’s tourism image is driven by economic initiatives that can do with more imagination; why childhood past-times have evolved to a sterile, character-less ghost of yesteryear’s dirt-under-fingernails’ games; or why people are paying money to entertain themselves literally to a spiritual death.

Whatever the answer, fun is definitely a main element in this exhibition – streaked with cruelty, danger and violence.


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