Chun Kai Qun, Carmageddon, Interactive Installation, 2009
TransportAsian, Singapore Art Museum

In Carmageddon, Chun Kai Qun combines the art of miniature making with stereo-photography. Through the lenses of the child’s optical toy, we witness cataclysmic car explosions, reminiscent of sensationalistic Hollywood action flicks. But the perverse violence and raw, gory carnality of the spectacle is downscaled twice in Chun’s work – the first via the miniaturisation of the disaster into a diorama and the second being the distancing of the audience from the diorama via stereo-photography. The diorama is photographed and converted into a stereoscopic slide show. This perhaps highlights the kind of anesthesia that games induces in its young viewers, unconsciously detaching us from the terror of violence to view it as a trivial game.

Text from

Chun Kai Qun, Carmageddon, Stereoscopic Pairs, 2009
TransportAsian, Singapore Art Museum
Instructions on how to view stereoscopic pairs freely

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